What's your advantages ? Why shall we choose you?

Easyway Technology, join venture and subsidiary of tobacco supply chain giant GrandLong( China Stock 002836) , OEM ODM expert,  historical factory of 16 years already by 2022, numerous hot sale brands designer, manufacturer of Tobacco items and vapes , a stock listed company with  financial power and R & D  talented team, new era e cigarette force with trendy pleasing flavors, competitive pricing and prompt lead time. You choose not merely a professional factory, you choose safety and quality.

What steps or procedures taken for ODM?

Please refer to Easyway ODM Steps.  First of all,  to protect you copyright and interests, sign  Confidential Agreement.  then  give us ideas or  diagram or effect images, or  any kind of illusion to show what your ideal product  or specific requirements,  our engineerings then will estimate the approximate cost and  technical issues.  we will send you quotation , after  deposit done, Easyway technical team start to work on your project.

we will show you parameters, final products cost and effect image , free packing design. before your private mould(s) ready, make the rest payment. we provide handmade prototype samples, free samples of  flavor etc. for your confirmation and revise if needed,

Prepare your private  materials and ready for mass production of your excellent model!

Which brand or models you have engaged in?

Easyway  technical team  and genius engineers  have been designing and launched dozens of  hot sale  models for decade.  Many of the  brands or companies who are known and  popular around the world, have  association and cooperation with us.It’s not convenient to disclose in public for  confidential reasons as you understand.

How can you ensure the competitive advantage by cooperation with you?

We have years of experiences with  scientific management methods to carry out  proper process and procedures to  ensure the quantity and lead time for our customers.

Our quotations are competitive, We’ll provide you a full set of FREE services, including designing diagrams , effect images,BOM sheet, prototype samples, various flavors for option, packing design, application for patents, delivery service, etc.

Besides  quality ensured, we try to reduce bulk production costs by our strong supply chain facilities in tobacco and vape industry.